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Topo 10 Mais rápidos séculos em ODI

Corey Anderson Disturbed the List, Smashing 131* Runs, dele 100 came on Just 36 Balls Which is the New World Record. Previously Shahid Afridi Was the Owner of This Record, Who Scored A Century of Just 37 Runs Against Sri Lanka 1996. after 18 years His record has broken by Corey Anderson, And He Got

Topo 10 A maioria das Florestas bonita do mundo

Apesar do desmatamento que só ocorre em torno deste mundo, há também ainda muito das florestas incríveis apenas para desfrutar. Aqui vamos discutir top dez mais belas florestas de todo o mundo. Do Canadá à Polónia, alguns dos melhores pontos turísticos para verificar se estão árvores locais. It does not matter whether forest is somewhat

Topo 10 Maiores navios de guerra de todos os tempos

Sometimes back, the power of a particular country was measured on its ability to control the sea. Those countries which were able to control the sea were certainly the rulers over other nations of the world. But there was no way a country would control the sea without commissioning an amazing huge warship in length and in tonnage.

10 Fatos surpreendentes do nosso sistema solar

Our quest for knowledge about the universe is still in its infancy, and we’re constantly amazed by every new discovery we make. There are still plenty of mysteries to unravel, even here in our own little corner of the universe we call our solar system. 10.Tallest Mountain Olympus Mons is a very famous Martian mountain

10 Fatos assustador sobre Ebola

Since it was first discovered in 1976, strains of the Ebola virus have wreaked havoc throughout central Africa, particularly in the Congo area. But previous incidents have only affected a fraction of the people struck down by the outbreak of 2014, which has infected over 1,700 people and killed more than 900. Perhaps the most

Topo 10 Mundos mais belos jardins

You definitely feel refreshed when ever you heard the name “Garden”. No doubt Garden is a place where you can find peace of mind,fragrance of flowers, Birds chirping, fresh breeze, soothing environment which takes your soul to some other level. A morning walk in a garden is really blessing for you. Meet 10 of the world’d