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Topo 10 Mulheres de negócio Traje 2014

All confident woman to conquer the areas of public life, previously virtually inaccessible for their participation. Serious government positions, management positions in manufacturing companies, key role in major business and advertising projects these are the realities of modern life Which is impossible today to surprise anyone. But the woman always a woman. And her appearance

Best Dressed Gente Masculino em Hollywood 2014

Many stars get on the best dressed list by going for timeless elegance and sticking to what they know works for them, but others get style points from fashion critics by being unique and taking risks instead of simply choosing a perfectly tailored suit. See a few of the best dressed men in Hollywood, some

Ternos dos homens mais caro do mundo

Many believe that the image of a man in a fine-tailored suit is to the female of the species what the image of a woman in lingerie is to a man: Oozing sexiness. It’s true, fine suits and tuxedos have almost always been the height of male fashion, lending wearer status and attendant charisma, machismo,

Coleção Mulheres Por do Designer Lehenga Sari 2014

Designer Lehenga Sari de & Coleção de Sari 2014 feito por vestidos de grife indianas para senhoras júnior e jovens senhoras para o desgaste no dia do casamento. Para a maior parte Lehenga Sari de & Coleção de Sari para senhoras 'está vestindo as Sarees após casamento. À luz do facto de que, Sociedade Indiana de igual modo obriga a vestir coleção Sarees indianos

Eid ul Fitr Vestidos coleção para meninas 2014

These days each young ladies and ladies searching for dresses to wear and to trade jewelry, many designer attempts to design and highlight some Eid-ul-fitr dresses for young girls and ladies. We on the news track brought to you some Eid dress accumulation 2014. This gathering has staggering and alluring dresses for young ladies and ladies. You

Projetos bonitos indiano do Saree 2014

We all realize that today saree is turning into one of the most loved dress styles among the ladies, this fashion trend was determined from the Indian society and soon it made its best place among the Pakistani ladies also. This apparel is perfect for the ladies of all age gatherings but including the identity