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Topo 10 Maiores Equipes de futebol de todos os tempos

o 10 maiores times de futebol na história do mundo têm sido por muito tempo participando em ligas diferentes, com alguma gestão para levar para casa alguns dos principais títulos ranking. Este é o resultado do grande apoio dos membros da equipe muito qualificados, bem como fans.In disso, the soccer teams which rank top have been under the

Topo 10 Mais ricos jogadores de futebol no FIFA 2014

The FIFA World Cup features the best national teams and many of the best footballers in the world. Like the Summer and Winter Olympics, the World Cup comes once every four years. Unlike the Olympics (minus competitions that include NHL and NBA players), the top athletes who participate in a World Cup are also handsomely

A maioria dos jogadores valiosos na FIFA 2014

There are eleven players in a soccer team, and it’s very much a team sport. One slack play from an undisciplined player could spell the difference between winning or losing. In the same token, one moment of creativity or inspiration from a player can spur a team on to victory. Here are ten players in