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Top 10 Most Expensive Films ever made

An increasing number of movies are crossing the production cost of $200 million. Hollywood doesn’t release official budget reports although details of production, marketing and advertising can be found out. Ben-Hur (1925) and Cleopatra were the most expensive films, holding the record for 20 and 30 years respectively. The Pirates of the Caribbean-At World’s End

Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies of 2015

Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies of 2015 Here is a List Of Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies of 2015 in Holywood so far. Jurassic World, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Minions have grossed over $1 billion each, making them the 22nd, 20th, 21st and 23rd films, respectively, to surpass that milestone; they are currently

Top 10 list Countries Who got Most Olympic Gold Medals

It is the major intent of all the countries who participate in Olympics to win the gold medal in Olympic Games, gaining themselves notability, world exposure and recognition. It is the dream of every nation to win a gold medal. Every team of every nation enters the tournaments with a single aim : win the

Top 10 Animations movies that Every One Should See

There are huge variety of animated movies for children’s. They range from serious, to cute, to scary. Finding the right animated movie for a child to watch can be a difficult task.To make it easier for you, we have listed Top 10 Animations movies that Every One Should See . Check them out! Top 10 Animations movies that


RAGE Engine As Seen In: Rockstar Presents Table Tennis, GTA IV + Episodes, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire (rumoured) GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas and Bully, for all their awesomeness, did not run off publisher Rockstar’s own tech, but were instead facilitated by Criterion’s Renderware engine. Yet it was the less commercial

Movies coming out this fall of 2014

Saying goodbye to Summer isn’t the easiest of things to do, especially if you’re an English guy like myself and that means the chance of having any sun at all become even slimmer. But it also means that it’s the perfect time to start looking towards the amazing films that will be showing at the